Background History of the Department

Education and Training Department


     Department of Education and Training has been opened on 30th June, 1999, by the order of the Chairman of the Central Committee for Development of Border Areas and National Races and the decision of the State Peace and Development Council meeting No. 21/99 on 17th June , 1999.

Objectives of The Department

Objectives of The Department

a.   To nuture nationalities youth from border areas to be promoted the Human resources by the teaching of Basic and High Education, to collaborate with Border Area development  tasks and poverty alleviation tasks;

b.   To train young national races women from the border areas, vocational expertise and assist earn in establishing micro-business opportunities.

Policy, Mission and Work Function


Development of human resources of national races in border areas.



1.   To pursue basic education, higher education and professional education for the future of nationalities youth.

2.   To implement regional development activities by their own  awareness.

3.   To cherish and preserve the culture , literature and customs of the national races.

4.   To strengthen the amity among national races and to reinforce union spirit.


Work Functions

1.   The Nationalities youth in border areas are given free of charge from the basic education middle school to the basic education high school.

2.   To pursue higher education for the nationalities youth who pass the basic education high school to have opportunities to study the courses in the University for the  Development of the National Races of the Union and Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree Colleges.

3.   To consolidate the Union Spirit and amity among the nationalities youth while studying together at the college and to understand and cherish the culture, traditions, good customs and practices of national races.
4.   To  nurture all national people to constantly safeguard non-disintegration of the union , non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty.
5.   To assign the graduates in the appropriate tasks associated with the development works in various ministries after attaining the higher education.
6.   To nurture young national races women from the border areas, vocational expertise and assist earning  by  in establishing micro-business opportunities.
7.   To teach subjects for engineering to the Nationalities Youth in border areas with the aim of  becoming skilful workers and carrying out the development works for Micro-Manufacturing and Micro-Industrial business.
8.   To cooperate with the United Nations Organzations, International Organzations, Regional Organzations and persons in responsible position with the intention of implementing the development work programs in border areas more effectively.


Functions of the Head Office

       The task includes pursuing of basic and higher education for the nationalities youth. The higher education sector is responsible for Sagaing University for the Development of the National Races of the Union,Yangon and Mandalay Nationalities Youth Resource Development Degree Colleges and Central Training School. Twenty-nine Training Schools for Development of Nationalities Youth from Border Areas including Tiger Parahita School Yangon , Four Technical Training School for Nationalities Youth and Thirty-Six Vocational Training Schools for Women of various Border Areas are functioning under basic education sector.