Central Training

  • Central Training School Location

         The Central Training School is located in No.51,ward of Dagon Myothit (North) Township and was handed over on June  30, 1999. The School itself conducted administration, finance and engineering trainings to the staff from three Departments under this Ministry.





  • Objectives

    (a)    To become the good civil servants of three   departments of the Ministry of Border Affairs.

    (b)    To carried out their responsibilities skillfully, according to their ranks,

    (c)    To understand the policy and guidance from Head of State and to achieve the implementation for the tasks of Ministry.


  • Central Training School's Courses of Trainings

    (a)   Course for  Advanced Administrative

    (b)   Course for Executive Officer((c)   Course for Administrative

    (d)   Course for Special Finance Regulation

    (e)   Course for Urban Planning

    (f)   Course for Clerical works

    (g)   Course for Engineering Refresher

    (h)  Higher Vocational Training Course for Dress-making

    (i)   Course for  Basic Engineering

    (j)   Basic Vocational Training Course for Dress-making

    (k)   Advanced Vocational Training Course for Dressmaking       

    (l)   Training Course for Mop and Gem Painting

    (m)  Advanced Vocational Training Course for Wicker Work with Bamboond Cane

    (n)   Course for Greening and Flourishing of the Urban area

    (o)   Special Refresher Course for Principal / Acting Principal from  Training  Schools     

    (p)   Basic Computer Course for Instructors

    (q)   International Relation Course

    (r)   Computer Course