Central Training

  • Background Information

            Central Training School was first opened as Development Affairs Training School under the Department of Development Affairs on February 16, 1998 and then it was handed over to the Education and Training Department on June 30, 1999 with its new name "Central Training School".

  • Location and Area

                    It is located in Myawaddi Min Gyi Road, No.51 Ward, North Dagon Township, Yangon and it is ten acres wide.


  • Objectives

          The Central Training School has been established with the following objectives.

    (a) To promote the skills of civil servants under the two departments of the Ministry of Border Affairs and other organizations and ministries

    (b) To be able to carry out the tasks and responsibilities skillfully in accord with the position and rank

          (c) To understand the rules and regulations, policy and guidance of the organization

                and to be able to implement the tasks assigned

  • Training Courses Conducted

                With the aim of promoting the skills and capabilities of the civil servants and helping them achieve successful implementation of the objectives of the two departments under the Ministry, training courses have been organized since 1998 to the present time. So far, 6091 male trainees and 10278 female trainees, altogether 16369 trainees have been trained and 395 courses have been conducted. (The conducted courses, the strength of the trainees who have already finished the courses and the number of courses can be seen in the attached file.)

                        During an individual fiscal year, the following courses are being conducted the whole year round.                   

    No          Name of the course                                                                        Strength

    (a)     Course for Enhancing the Potential of the Executive Officers                  15

    (b)     Leadership Course for Programme of Peace and Progress                      30

        of the Border Areas and National Races

    (c)     Instructor Course for Advanced Tailoring                                                20

    (d)     Course for Clerks                                                                                    30

    (e)     Motorized Sewing Machine Course                                                         50

    (f)      Computerized Embroidery Course                                                          20

    (g)     Special Course for Finance Regulation                                                   30

          (h)     Store-keeping Course                                                                                       30