Vice President U Henry Van Thio visits Kanpetlet Township

     Vice President U Henry Van Thio accompanied by Chin State Chief Minister Salai Lian Luai, State Hluttaw Speaker U Zo Bawi, Deputy Ministers Maj-Gen Than Htut and U Hla Maw Oo, state ministers and officials went to newly established Kyin Dway Town in Chin State, Mindat District, Kanpetlet Township yesterday morning.
     The Vice President and party were welcomed by the local people in local Chin tradition. The Vice President then attended a meeting with Chin State government members, Hluttaw representatives, state, district and township departmental officials, town elders and local people where the Vice President was welcomed by Kyin Dway Town local youths with a song and a dance.
     In his speech the Vice President said Kyin Dway Town was located in a place where the land and weather were good. It was a most densely populated town and had many places that had good economic prospects. Those were the hopes of the town and those hopes were to be implemented together. Kyin Dway Town was designated as a town in 1970 but was reduced to a village tract level under the 1974 Constitution. On 27 December 2018, it was upgraded to a town level by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
     This was one of the outcomes of the good will that the government had for Kyin Dway Town. During the three year period of the incumbent government five village tracts including Kyin Dway was upgraded to a town level with the aim of developing Chin State. The aims of upgrading to town level was to upgrade region, town and village security, rule of law, peace and stability, socio-economic development, economy, health and education.
    Road communication was the main requirement of Chin State. Everyone knew that the Union Government as well as Chin State government were doing their utmost toward development of Chin State. Construction of Surbung Airport in Falam Town would be completed in year 2020 and this was something that this state had not even dreamt of.
     Furthermore arrangements were made to construct Lailenpi Airport too. The government was doing the best it can toward constructing new and upgrading schools, hospitals and clinics in the education and health sectors as well as recruiting/employing new personnel required for it. Solar power and mini-hydroelectric power were used to start providing electricity to villages. Arrangements were made to implement the 622 MW Laymyo River hydroelectric project that would benefit to the union level. Upgrading of Matupi to Sami-Paletwa road to an all-weather road had been conducted with might and main as well.
     Similarly the Kaladan cross-river bridge Project would be completed by the year 2020. Arrangements were made to implement the Kanpetlet to M’kuiimnu-Sami-Paletwa road as a strategic road and once this was completed it would link up with the Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project and products from lower Myanmar would soon be exported to India via Seikpyu-Saw-Kanpetlet-M’kuiimnu-Sami-Paletwa road. This route would be a highly dependable one for not only regional development but also for Myanmar-India trade and cooperation. As such the government was striving towards the successful implementation of this.
     Unity and cooperation of ethnic nationals and the peoples were the indispensable basic foundation in striving toward the development and progress of a country. For the benefit of the country, especially in establishing a Democratic Federal Republic, all ethnic national were urged to work hand in hand and cooperate in the best they can with the government, said the Vice President.
    Next, town elders submitted requirements for regional development and in return plans for sector wise support and arrangements were explained by state minister for development affairs U Soe Htat, Ministry of Construction Permanent Secretary U Win Tint and Ministry of Health and Sports Director General Dr. Soe Oo.
Afterwards the Vice President and Chin State Chief Minister presented cash donations to town elders for Kyin Dway Town development works. State Hluttaw Speaker U Zo Bawi, Deputy Ministers Maj-Gen Than Htut and U Hla Maw Oo also presented cash awards to Kyin Dway Town local youths who had entertained with a song and dance performance.

Vice President U Hnery Van Thio views the map showing the strategic road between Kanpetlet and Paletwa. Photo: MNA

     After the meeting the Vice President and meeting attendees took a commemorative group photo.
     Following the meeting officials from the Ministry of Construction explained about the planned route of Kanpetlet-Kyin Dway Road and the Vice President gave advice and comments to ensure coordination.
     The Vice President and party then went to the construction site of Kanpetlet Indoor Sports Stadium and at the briefing hall Ministry of Health and Sports Deputy Director General U Tun Myint Oo explained about the construction status and the Vice President gave necessary advice and comments.
     The 120x90x36 ft. steel structure indoor sports stadium was constructed by Thura Lin Construction Company at a cost of K 250 million and will be completed on 30 September 2019.
     From there the Vice President and party went to 50-bed Kanpetlet People’s Hospital where the hospital superintendent explained about the status of hospitals and clinics in Kanpetlet Township, personnel requirements, medicines and buildings status. The Vice President gave necessary comments to ensure coordination.
Afterwards the Vice President inspected the health care service provided in the hospital, encouraged and provided cash support to patients undertaking treatments and inspected the site where a two-storey hospital ward would be constructed. — MNA (Translated by Zaw Min)