Central Committee for the Development of the Border Areas and National Races held its meeting 1/2023 in Nay Pyi Taw on Friday. Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in his capacity as the Chairman of the Central Committee attended the meeting and made a speech.
The Prime Minister said the Central Committee is implementing the six action plans for development of border areas. In implementing the border area development, achieving peace and stability is of paramount important. Achieving peace and stability has to be carry out based on national unity.
The State Administration Council is prioritizing for peace and prosperity of the country, food sufficiency, socio-economic development of people, achieving eternal peace and smooth transportation. Efforts are being made for development of education, health, transportation, agriculture, livestock breeding and economic sectors in border areas.
Moreover, plans have been made for human resource development and drug eradication. The Prime Minister urged all the ministries to make cooperation and coordination in implementating the border area development works.
He stressed that the successive governments have been implementing for border areas development by laying down the strategic plans. But till now, there remains many works to be done for socio-economic development of people in border areas.
He emphasized the fact that in order to establish the Union based on democracy and federal system, it is needed to make efforts for achieving peace, stability and national unity through the development works in border areas.
He reiterated that the year 2022 was designated as the Year of Peace and the ethnic armed organizations were invited for peace dialogue.
Altogether 10 EAOs have joined for the peace dialogue, and the results for paving path to peace and stability have been achieved. He also reminded to those who are not yet on the peace talks that the door is always opened for the dialogue without any restrictions.

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