Ancient artistic works with high historical value must be displayed for easy observance of visitors

    The pagoda board of trustees needs to coordinate with experts to preserve glaze terracotta plaques depicting 550 Jataka stories of the Buddha, rocky alms-bowls and Myanmar’s architectural heritages decorated at Thudhamma public rest houses at the pagoda without losing original designs, said Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.
    Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing accompanied by his wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, the Mandalay Region Chief Minister and the commander of Central Command paid homage to ancient pagodas in Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone yesterday morning.
    The Senior General, his wife and en-tourage paid homage to Shwezigon Pagoda built by King Anawrahta and King Kyansittha and presented cash to the fund of renovation tasks to officials of the pagoda board of trustees.
    After visiting the pagoda, the Senior General inspected preservation of ancient cultural heritages in the precinct of the pagoda. In his instructions, he said that the platform of the pagoda must be repaired not to leave water after raining.
    The Senior General underlined that the bronze standing Buddha images with 12 feet in height kept in four bronze chambers from each dimensions of the pagoda show artistic works in Bagan era. He added that these works were created with the bronze casting process, depicting flourishing of ancient fine arts works.
    As such, he continued that these ancient artistic works with high historical value should be displayed with captions for easy observance of local and foreign travellers.
    Members of the pagoda board of trustees reported on offering of gold foils and gilding the whole structure of pagoda. The Senior General left necessary guidance.
    Director-General Dr Kyaw Oo Lwin of Department of Archaeology and National Museum and officials reported to the Senior General on presentations of ancient pagodas and stone inscriptions of Myanmar on the pagoda digital directory website. The Senior General gave necessary guidance.
    The Senior General presented cash awards for service personnel working at ancient heritage exploration and preservation in Bagan ancient cultural zone to the director-general.
    The Senior General and his wife cordially greeted officials from souvenir shops, pilgrims and visitors at the prayer hall of the pagoda.
    The Senior General also paid homage to Htilo Minlo Pagoda and inspected repairing of the damaged parts in and out the precinct of the pagoda and a passage built of shale tiles.
    He stressed the need to emphasize preservation of stupas and temples in Bagan ancient cultural zone as ancient, valuable historical heritages.
    The Senior General and wife donated cash to the fund for offering gold foils and renovation of Htilo Minlo Pagoda to officials.
    Heavy rains in May 2023 occurred in Bagan ancient cultural zone in NyaungU District of Mandalay Region, inundating Shwezigon, Ananda, Dhammayangyi, Culamani and Dhammarazaka pagodas, Hsinbyushin Complex, Kheminga, Thabeikhmauk, Htio Minlo and Laymyethna pagodas, Hsinpaung brick monastery, the pagoda next to Dhammarazaka Pagoda, Baganhmyaw, Ywahaunggyi and Shwenanyin pagodas. In the incident, some parts of eight ancient pagodas and buildings were damaged. As such, these edifices were maintained in ancient works in accord with the guidance of Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister. Currently, an emphasis is being placed on lessening loss and waste of buildings in Bagan ancient cultural zone and vicinity in natural disasters and greening of natural environment.

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