Vocational Training Schools

  • Objectives

    (a)   To nurture young national races women from the border areas, vocational expertise and  assist earn in  establishing  micro-business     opportunities.

    (b)   To promote the standard of living in terms accelerating integrated micro-business.

    (c)   To preserve the national prestige and national character in order to raise the morale.

    (d)   To strengthen the patriotic spirit and national spirit.

    (e)   To uplift the skills of traditional handicraft extensively.


  • Domestic Science Courses

            The young women from border areas, of the age ranging from 16 to 30 years who have adequate qualification and in good health are admitted to this training. The following training modules are assumed as relevant and trained in every Vocational Training Schools of Domestic Science;

    (a)      Dress  Making  Training

    (b)     Handicraft  Training

    (c)      Cookery  Training

    (d)     Tapestry  Training

    (e)      Weaving hand-loom

    (f)      MOP and Gem Painting

    (g)     Course for Knitting Machine

    (f)      Wickerwork Training (Bamboo/Cane Basic and Advanced)

    (h)     Sculpturing of coconut shell